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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Stanford Financial Claims 2nd Distribution List September 16th 2013

On September 16 the U.S. Trustee Ralph Janvey filed with the Court of Dallas the second list of scheduled payments under the Plan of Distribution which includes about a thousand affected and a total of $ 3.86 million.

The Receiver will start the process of issuing checks within 10 days of its registration with the Court . Other payments will be scheduled and submitted to the court in the order in which received and processed Certification Forms. To view a copy of the 2nd. Schedule, please click here.

And what happened with the IRS?
Let’s remember the eagerness of some victims to manipulate and deceive the rest of the victims:

Shame you!!!

And who have their own agenda? Oh yeah! The others... Only the others...

What is built with lies and evil intention will collapse sooner or later.

For a full and open debate on the Stanford Receivership visit the Stanford International Victims Group - SIVG official forum

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